Each of our 10 locations create a unique space that is as diverse as the community it resides in. It's with our specialty coffee, and a warm “good morning”, that we awaken our community. It’s through our house-made breakfast bagels, soup, salads, and sandwiches, we nourish it throughout the day. Most importantly, it’s our genuine love for our customers and community that builds lasting relationships and gives us the privilege to expand that love across the city for years to come.



In addition to great coffee and distinct food, Cherry Street’s biggest focus is developing a genuine sense of community through the relationships we foster with our customers. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the people around us and the love we build with them. We work towards elevating the neighborhoods surrounding our cafes, and the City of Seattle, by providing a place where no one is a stranger, conversation encouraged, and every day starts with “Good Morning”.


Great Coffee. Distinct Food. Genuine People.

We believe that it takes true love to build a great community. We continually strive to build rich connections with our customers and our community. It’s through these deep relationships that we are able to capture an energy and love that no money can buy.


Welcome to Cherry Street Bagel House - blog post image
  • February 15, 2017

Welcome to Cherry Street Bagel House

As any good disaster stories begins, it was a normal Saturday morning just like any other… I was working at the Cherry Street on 6th and Olive along with Chris and Lauren. We were five minutes away from opening the store. The coffee was brewed, bagels displayed, music playing, all we needed were the customers. That is when it happened.
We heard a crack and the distinctive sound of rushing water as water began to seep out from under the milk fridge. Lauren and I stood frozen as we watched the water spread behind the entire back counter but Chris quickly jumped to action. He pulled out the fridge crawled under the counter and turned off the water line. The filter that purifies the water before it is used in the espresso machine had cracked from pressure and burst open, flooding the store.
It was now 6:02 and a few customers tried to open the doors but we were un-operational. We put a sign on the door letting customers know we were closed until further notice and went into clean up mode. We needed a Shop Vac but the building maintenance wouldn’t be in for a while. We tried to create barriers with towels to keep the water from spreading, which turned out to be ineffective. We tried to mop the water but it quickly became clear that wasn’t going to work either. So, we just had to wait until we could get the Shop Vac and suck up all the water. While sitting there feeling a little useless and discussing if we would be able to fix the filter and serve espresso after we cleaned up the water our moral was declining. Lauren turned to me and said, “Well I guess we will just tell people ‘Welcome to Cherry Street Bagel House’.” And we all laughed.
It was good to have a light-hearted moment in the middle of the stress as a reminder that everything would be okay, and it was. We got the Shop Vac and cleared all the water, the kitchen had an extra filter so Chris replaced the broken one and turned the water back on. By 9:30 we were serving Lattes like nothing ever happened.
Some days things don’t go as planned at Cherry Street, but when you have a quick-thinking team, a positive attitude and a back-up plan things always seem to work out just fine. 


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